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What Is Helioss ?

Company Helios Mining Ltd. starts HeliosCoin ICO – its the world’s first Autonomous Mining solution focused on alternative energy sources. The proposal will be open to the world community. Restrictions apply to residents of Germany, as well as to investors from the United States


We believe that the innovation of the system is necessary for cryptocurrencies to get mass recognition. We believe that future mining operations should be decentralized to reduce their dependence on the laws of one government, powerful players, fossil fuels or nuclear energy

For future crypto-mining operations, it is necessary to reduce the systemic risks associated with binding to certain coins or mining pools. Therefore, the company Helios Mining Ltd aims to bring back a crucial force crypto – community. Individuals should be able to participate in crypto-mining without huge investments in equipment and technology. In addition to providing broad ownership of mining operations, Helios Mining Ltd is committed to ensuring that the community is involved in key mining
decisions. We strive to remove obstacles to attract a wider audience to the crypto community

Helios Mining Ltd offers everyone the opportunity to participate in the future of blockchain technology and lays the Foundation for the future of crypto-Mining by developing highly mobile mining modules with low maintenance requirements and offering our community a voice in the selection of locations and coins for mining.

Helioss ICO Token Sale Information

ICO Project NameHelioss Symbol ICO Price
HeliossHLC1 HLC = 0.001 ETH
ICO Start DateICO End DateType
Tokens for saleKYCDistributed in ICO
4,250,000 HLCBTC, BTH, BTG,LTC,ETH85%

Helioss Coin More Information 

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We believe that next-generation power networks should be intelligent dynamic systems linking out-of-date power plants with large-scale renewable energy resources, as well as networks of distributed producers and energy consumers. At the “last mile”, such a system will rely on an advanced measurement infrastructure (AMI) with intelligent counters and intelligent machines as agents. They will buy and sell energy through smart contracts, using roofs with solar panels in households, like power plants, and car batteries, like storage. The fourth industrial revolution in the energy sector will lead to
the fact that the consumer, who was in the 20th century an outsider, will become an active player in a breathing and flexible energy body, where management is carried out using smart contracts, and crypto-currencies are used for payment.

In such a world, the analysis of energy prices on a global scale is of key importance for effective crypto-mining and data center operations.



We manufacture, administer and operate our own fleet of Autonomous mining clusters. Our profits are determined by the rewards less depreciation. Capital expenditures of Helios Mining Ltd are financed by our investors in ICO. In turn, token holders are entitled to 100% of the proceeds, 25% of which Helios Mining Ltd reinvests in order to increase the market share in the future and maximize revenue

The distribution of these dividends will be carried out weekly: 75% of the profit will be paid, and 25% will be re-invested in clusters to increase the volume of dividends of Helios Mining Ltd community. Cluster activity will be maintained as long as it is profitable.

If the cluster configuration includes 50% of ASIC chips and 50% of GPUs, the total return on investment of Helios Mining Ltd’s own mining operations is 181% (calculations as of November 24, 2017).)

A detailed overview of the main assumptions, cost factors, and profit data is provided in the Annex.

Own operations in themselves highly profitable. We are currently in talks with a number of countries in the Middle East. Their interest lies in the exploitation of Autonomous mining clusters in the framework of vertical integration to ensure their profitability in a complex environment of energy markets.


In case of third-party operations, production and maintenance of clusters is carried out by Helios Mining Ltd, but investments are made by external partners called “third parties”. As “third parties” there may be investment funds or corporations who are interested in increasing profits. By converting solar energy into electricity, a simple resource, into sophisticated crypto — mining services, corporations lower the value chain and increase their income in mining. In addition to third-party operations (TPO),
we offer companies wishing to increase their income, our experience in mobile cryptomining, as well as the capital base and increase profits for token holders. Company Helios Mining Ltd will charge a  percentage of the total revenues received from mining by a third party, to ensure the operation of the clusters, and to pay to the holders of tokens 20% of revenues.


The smallest element of the Helios Mining Ltd. ecosystem — it’s a working mining system. They can be an ASIC chip-based system, a computer system for mining based on GPUs, or other mining systems or cloud technologies that may appear in the future


One of the main decisions is the choice of coins for mining. This decision depends on the following factors

  1.  current price / exchange rate of the coin
  2. degree of difficulty
  3. price of electricity on site
  4.  hash algorithm
  5. location and temperature conditions
  6. generation of equipment in production systems

These conditions must be taken into account when deciding on the best return on investment.
Intelligent mining is the result of an automated process that maximizes the potential for real-time accounting of these conditions. MCU often analyzes the current situation and switches to a suitable mining strategy. The decision is based on location, so the decision is made for each cluster separately. This can lead clusters to different mining strategies. The MCU can even execute two different strategies to check which one works best if it is impossible to predict accurately

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Company Helios Mining Ltd. starts HeliosCoin ICO – its the world’s first Autonomous Mining solution focused on alternative energy sources. The proposal will be open to the world community. Restrictions apply to residents of Germany, as well as to investors from the United States

Helioss Coin More Information 

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