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What Is BitSchool?

This section was composed to demonstrate the differentiation factors of BitSchool compared to
similar online tutoring (‘universitytutor.com’ and ‘tutoring.co.kr’) and eLearning platforms
(‘coursera.org’ and ‘udacity.com’). The information used for this competitor analysis was
extracted from the competitors’ publicly available materials. This means in the event that any
updates had happened to these materials without being made public before the point this
competitor analysis was prepared and published, this may cause unintentional flaws in this
competitor analysis, and BitSchool will address these flaws when they are identified and update
this competitor analysis accordingly.

World’s First Platform integrating AI eLearning, Teaching and Tutoring:

The AI component is what differentiates BitSchool most from similar online tutoring or eLearning
platforms. In our competitor analysis, we were not able to find platforms that apply AI-based
Adaptive Assessment and Personalized Learning mechanisms to the online tutoring market. The
AI machine of BitSchool is capable of intelligently evaluating the learners’ per-subject proficiency
levels (refer to ‘4.1 Adaptive AI Assessment’) and automatically producing PLC or Personalized
Learning Checklist (refer to ‘4.2 Automatic PLC Generation’). Furthermore, the AI machine will be
constructed in a way to intelligently provide appropriate feedbacks (refer to ‘4.3 Dynamic Marking
System’) for questions or tasks (such as essay composing), and recommend educational videos
(refer to ‘4.4 Adaptive Video Technology’) matching the learners’ learning needs, style and
pathway. More specifically, BitSchool will enable accurate assessments of the learners’ persubject
proficiency levels by evaluating the learners’ weaknesses and improvement areas in
those subjects, and reporting them in the learners’ PLC. The PLC will allow teachers and tutors to
formulate their lesson plans or tutoring services around the learners’ identified strengths,
weaknesses and improvement areas (refer to ‘4.5 Adaptive Lesson Plans’), and consequently
provide learners with personalized learning. BitSchool will further assist personalized learning by
providing appropriate educational feedbacks (i.e. guidelines, explanations, opinions, background
materials required to solve a problem or improve a task) and adaptive videos with respect to the
learners’ weaknesses or improvement areas identified through the AI Assessment process.

BitSchool Token Sell About ?

ICO  Name :- BitSchool ICO
Status :- Ongoing
Pre-Sale Start Date :-  26.02.2018
Pre-Sale End Date :-  19.03.2018 (35 % Bonus )
  Start Date :-  16.04.2018 ( Fist week 15% Bonus,  2nd Week 10% Bonus
End Date :-  14.05.2018  ( 3rd Week 5 % Bonus ,4th Week  0% Bonus)
BitSchool Coin Symbol :- BSCH
  BitSchool ICO Price  :-  1ETH = 6,000 BSCH Tokens
Total Coins :- 300,000,000 BSCH Tokens (MAX CAP)
Tokens to Sale in ICO :- 4,000,000 BSCH Tokens  ( MIN CAP)
Website :- https://bitschool.io
Whitepaper :- https://bitschool.io/files/whitepaper_en.pdf
Our ratting :-  [yasr_overall_rating]

BitSchool Road Map

For More Information Please Visit Main Web Site : https://bitschool.io

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