NEW ICO Review~DONOCLE~ We create a Global Lottery by Blockchain

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DONOCLE is a global LOTTO project with more than 50 types of coins and tokens as goods. Users can monitor the transfer and flow of goods through the ODF(Open Data Flow) system. There will be JackPot every day/week in DONOCLE. Also DONOCLE has an unique AIRDROP system that is called DONOCLE POS SYSTEM. DONOCLE tokens are deposited in this POS system. The first 15 days from the deposit passes and the tokens are automatically progressed into AIRDROP system. DONOCLE is a token, but we implemented POS Solution to run AIRDROP on DONOCLE. Just holding DONOCLE token in DONOCLE POS System provides regular AIRDROP to the holders and this is how the system works. DONOCLE team believes that our real life and economy will be strongly linked to blockchain industry, and our long experience in online&mobile game industry will make the project trustworthy.

DONOCLE Token Sell Information 

ICO Project NameDonocle Symbol ICO Price
DonocleDDL1 DDL = 0.1 USD
ICO Start DateICO End DateToken Type
2018-10-102019-02-28Ethereum ERC-20
AcceptingSoft capHard cap
BTC, ETH, EOS10000000 USD30000000 USD
Distributed in ICOPrice in ICOBonus
66.6%0.2000 USDAvailable

DONOCLE More Information 

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Lottery Market Conditions

According to the data provided by TechNavio, the volume of the global lottery market will achieve USD 367 billion by 2019. While today its growth rate is approximately 3.13%, experts believe that it will hit 22% in 2022.

Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that currently the industry is not protected from cyber criminals and online fraud. But Donocle has found a way to reduce these risks

Increased Level of Safety 

With a view to protect its users from fraud, Donocle has built its services within the blockchain domain. Blockchain technology adds more transparency to the entire process and enhances verification procedures. All participants of the system can check and double-check the contacts.

Users have a possibility to buy Donocle tokens and coins and use them to participate in the lottery without having any worries about potential fraud. 50 different types of tokens and coins can be used to take part in the Donocle global lottery project. Users also can exchange their tokens with cash if needed.

What Is Donocle  Vision ?

The Lottery Industry is evolving on the help of Cryptocurrency, and our transparent and standardized system will lead the market.
DONOCLE Team trusts that Blockchain Industry will be linked with our real economy and
they will construct a secured project with their experience in Online Game and Mobile Game market.


DONOCLE is an Online Lottery System that utilizes Bitcoin and other Altcoins as commodities.
DONOCLE project is based on MIB Blockchain Platform, and we increased safety and credibility through
the combination of C/S environment and Blockchain rather than putting Blockchain and any business together.

DGBLS (Donation Global Blockchain Lottery System)

DGBLS is DONOCLE Lottery(Lotto, TOTO) Operating System that combines blockchain with GLOS(Global Lottery System) of Korea which is globally renowned for its usage in managing Sports TOTO(Korea) System.

SmartX Blockchain Platform

SmartX Blockchain Platform is a platform that has achieved convenience, popularity, economic advantage and lightweight by adopting Blockchain Hash Algorithm on Mobile SmartX Platform, and it has significantly reduced Blockchain maintenance cost compared to conventional Blockchain that has been relying on GPU or ASIC hardware which are pretty expensive.

DONOCLE B System (Blockchain Donation Direct Transfer System)

DONOCLE B System is brought to solve illogical part of traditional donation system. This new Donation Infra-System transfer donation funds to Beneficiaries or Beneficiary Organizations transparently and credibly on Blockchain technology.


2018 Q1 

  • DONOCLE Whitepaper development
  •  DONOCLE project was conceived and its technicalaspects were reviewed
  •  Research on the synchronization of the MIB blockchain platform(SBP : SmartX Blockchain Platform)

2018 Q2

  • DONACLE PTE.LTD Singapore was established
  • DGBLS™(Donocle Global Blockchain Lottery System)
  • DONOCLE Offcial website
  • DGBLS™ was designed

2018 Q3

  • DONOCLE project isbrought to a greater degreeof sophistication
  •  IDCM Listing agreement

2019 Q2

  • Expansion of the Donocle business
  • Establishment of the Donocle Donation Foundation in the works
  • Pilot services launched for global users
  • POS System tested
  • Launched official services

2019 Q1

  • Opened trading on the exchange(HongKong, Korea)
  •  Demonstration of the Donocle project
  •  Secured licenses for the lottery business(in 2 regions outside of Korea)

2018 Q4

  • Hong Kong affiliate was established(DONOCLE International)
  • Global marketing
  • Pre-sales

DONOCLE More Information 

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