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What Is Swiss Alps Mining

We are connecting the world of blockchain with the Swiss mountains. We offer environmentally friendly mining in unused buildings in the Swiss alps, reducing power consumption by up to 50% thanks to natural climate conditions and an ORC power recovery system.

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What Is Swiss Alps Mining & Energy

S wiss Alps Mining & Energy strives to enable environmentally friendly mining of crypto currencies in the Swiss alps. Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is Swiss Alps Mining & Energy’s operating business. SAE is a Swiss startup company in the area of crypto mining and energy, located in Huenenberg, Canton of Zug.
SAE plans to start operating crypto mining farms in the Swiss alps in 2018 – a pioneering project.
These farms are situated in buildings no longer used by local farmers. SAE will at the same time
operate small hydropower plants to produce the electricity needed for crypto mining.  Blockchain, crypto currencies, and environmental issues Blockchain technology revolutionizes the view on conventional fiat currencies as it enables the mining of digital currencies. The introduction of bitcoin changed the entire landscape and became the gold standard for crypto currencies. Yet,

Acceptance of crypto currencies among the wider public is still proving difficult as some providers are
associated with reputational issues. The overall shift to digital currencies is progressing slowly, and this
breakthrough technology is rarely being used to its full potential. Blockchain is more than just an aspect of crypto currencies.  The blockchain technology simplifies a wide range of business and transaction processes, provides transparency and safety, makes centralized intermediary parties unnecessary and reduces costs. This change is within reach – in industry and everyday life. However, blockchain technology requires a certain framework and regulatory guidelines in order to function safely and as intended. Furthermore, blockchain technology-based business models greatly depend on energy supply. The price and availability of electricity are important factors for mining processes. This has led to the outsourcing of mining facilities to countries with low environmental standards, where relatively cheap fossil energy sources mainly are used to produce the necessary

Swissalpsmining Token Sale Information

ICO Project NameSwissalpsmining Symbol ICO Price
SwissalpsminingSAM1 SAM = 0.80 USD
ICO Start DateICO End DateType
PlatformAcceptingSoft cap
EthereumETH,BTC5’000’000 USD
Hard capCountryDistributed in ICO
100,000,000 USDSwitzerland68.9%

Swissalpsmining More Information

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What Is Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE)

Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) strives to promote digital transformaton and sustainability in the Swiss
alps. The company is a distributed ledger based energy supplier – SAM Power Plant – and an operator
of flexible modular mining infrastructures – SAM Cubes – which are intended for longterm stationary
use. Swiss Alps Energy AG aims to achieve the goal of being energy supplier, energy sales platform and neu

tral network node provider through its SAM Power Plant, SAM Cubes, and SAM Centers. Swiss Alps Energy AG provides the foundation for many future-oriented applications: financial asset custody and transfer, product tracking through  blockchain and IoT in logistics and transportation, electronic records in healthcare, and identity management to simplify the KYC process for any conceivable industry are just a few examples of how distributed ledger technology can be used.

Swiss Alps ORC System  Recover Rlectricity From Heat

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy is the first company in the world to use an ORC system to recover electricity from the waste heat generated by mining systems. The placement of the mining facilities in the Swiss Alps takes advantage of the fact that water has a lower boiling point at these altitudes, resulting in a much more efficient recovery of electricity from heat. Since the mining systems at these sites do not require additional cooling by air conditioning systems, the SAM cubes power consumption can be reduced by up to 50% compared to conventional mining systems. With this unique approach, SAM is solving a global problem in the field of mining.


The Smart Mining Company – Connecting the world of blockchain with environmentally friendly mining in unused buildings in the Swiss alps.

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy strives to enable environmentally friendly mining of crypto currencies in the Swiss alps. Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) is Swiss Alps Mining & Energy’s operating business. SAE is a Swiss startup company in the area of crypto mining and energy, located in Huenenberg, Canton of Zug.

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