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What Is KingsCoin ?

Proof of Work versus Proof of Stake and Master-nodes
The invention of cryptocurrency that began with Bitcoin was indeed a game changer for privacy and the future of money. However, the Proof of Work (PoW) system diverted from the very philosophy that stood behind cryptocurrency. PoW, as it requires computing powers which needs investing in hard power, rewards those with means to reap the rewards for mining. The computing hardware that is needed to do the mining work on the other hand proved to consume tremendous amount of energy which results in environmental degradation. It does not stop there. The need to increase the computing capacity pushed the miners to conclude in so called miners decentralizing the power over issuing the money. And it is also considered unfair as it enriches those who are already pools. The miners-pools threaten to centralize the power in the hands of a few pools that can in the future derail the cryptocurrency project. Imagine if a mining pool gets to own 51% of the mining activity of a certain coin.

Happily, there is an alternative, a third way. The new protocol of Proof of Stake (PoS), despite some imperfections, promises to solve many problems. The only hurdle for PoS is the stubborn unfairness that persists with rewarding. The validators with the bigger stakes are the ones who get rewarded more. This
Matheus-effect is indeed stubborn but still according to some research, PoS is much fairer than PoW. The big investments in hardware to get the edge with computing power over others to reap profits, seems to be a costlier investment and by the same token rewards those who have more than those who have-nots

Kingscoin Information 

Project NameKingsCoin SymbolAlgorithum
Block Time Difficulty ReargtingMax Coin Supply ( PoW Phase)
60 Seconds Every Block 1,982,000
Max Coin Supply ( PoS Phase )PreminePort
MN CollateralBlock ExplorerROI
10000 KGS Click HereClick Here

KingsCoin More Information 

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Features of KingsCoin

Masternodes play an important part of the KGC network. A masternode network is the second layer of the KGC network that donates processing power to confirm transactions instantly utilizing the SwiftTx technology inherited from PIVX.


A masternode network is the second layer of the KGC network that donates processing power to confirm transactions instantly utilizing the SwiftTx technology inherited from PIVX.


Every investor wants to know what they are investing into and what their return will be. We care about our investors and we understand that people react to incentives.

Inflation Target

We have conducted extensive calculations and simulations to determine an inflation target. This ensures that KGS does not experience devaluation through inflation.


According to the concept of our project, the remuneration for the block will be distributed as it was carefully calculated by our expert to avoid inflation


This timeline details our funding and development goals.


KingsCoin More Information 

WebSiteWhitepaperANN ThreadDiscordappTwitter

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  1. NEON has taken what DASH tried to be and made it even better. Masternodes earn 90 of the block reward and are not required to use third-party software such as Python and/or Sentinel, to run a Nucleon Masternode. Nucleon is the first coin to feature Internal Sentinel, which is hardcoded into the wallet and automatically run and will be fully configured for you.. inside the wallet! If you are a MINER, then there is even more in NEON for you because it uses the brand new, top of the line, VRX/Velocity Difficulty Retargeting Algorithm. This means blocks are reliable not only by difficulty, but also by actual time! – CHECK IT NOW!!

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