ICO Review Kratospct ~~Decentralized Physical Commodities Trade on Blockchain

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What Is KRATOS ?

KRATOS – A decentralized commodities trading platform, significantly transforms and enhances international physical commodity trading across its whole product life cycle.

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KRATOS- A decentralized commodities trading platform, significantly transforms and enhances international physical commodity trading across its whole product life cycle. Commodity trading challenges include insufficient trust, manual documentation, and unnecessary intermediaries. These problems often result in significant time-delays and high cost. KRATOS is an Ethereum-based platform that employs Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts to address these challenges. As a result, KRATOS platform delivers better transparency, higher efficiency, and less complexity than any other existing system. The use of this platform would result in more timely deliveries and lower cost.

KRATOS has developed a Token Curated Registry process for trades submitted to the KRATOS platform. Trades submitted on the platform for trade finance will be curated by token holders. The output of this curation process will be a list of high-quality trades, which will represent a subset of trades that may not otherwise receive financing.

It would be difficult for others to compete with Arkratos since it already has a functional MVP and has secured commitments for the use of its platform from multiple global commodities trading firms.

KRATOS Token Sale Information

ICO Project NameKratospct Symbol ICO Price
Kratospct TOS1000 TOS = 1 ETH
ICO Start DateICO End DateToken Type
Jul 1, 2018Sep 1, 2018Ethereum ERC-20
Decimals Total SupplyPre-ICO Period
18300,000,000 TOS80,000,000 TOS
ICO Period CrowdsaleHard Cap Bonus
85,000,000 TOS55 Million USDAvailable

The Solution Advantages

Real World Usage

Whitelisted data of high quality trades will facilitate SME’s expanding access to potential financiers. As a result, it becomes more efficient for potential financiers to vet the list of high-quality trades than to vet any potential trades coming to their attention in other ways.

Digitalising the current paper-based process on smart contracts reduces overhead costs and delivery time for the service operations.

Arkratos provides an end to end solution for the entire commodities trading ecosystem. Our platform encompasses industry grade KYC/AML, HR, Administration, Finance.

It is faster as it runs on smart contract & blockchain. It is also less expensive due to minimal fixed cost.

Market Adoption Potential

Interest from customers – Financing module speeds up payments to service providers, reduces cash flow issues to traders.

We already have a major client for this platform – Rhodium Resources – as part of our group of companies. Specifically, Rhodium will be the first customer employing the “Financing” module of the platform, financing several commodities trades using the funds raised by the ICO, and paying a fee for doing so.

Market Presence

KRATOS has been developed by Arkratos Blockchain Solutions. Arkratos’ anchor investor company is an established company with global operations in over 15 countries.

Arkratos will leverage its early adopters relationships in the commodities space to onboard new participants in the ecosystem providing network effects.


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