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What Is Dafzo ?

Dafzo is the World’s first decentralized Global P2P Logistics Platform which is about the disrupt the USD 8,797 billion logistics industry with its Patent International Trade Finance technology.

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What is Dafzo Vision?

To create a unique decentralised ecosystem built around the Dafzo Utility Token for Independent paper les International Trade finance ecosystem without bank to facilitate Importer/buyer to issue Letter of Credit and Global shipment forwarding system for exporter/seller, without any geographical barrier, to empower the community & SME through  an innovative automated ecosystem for decentralization and optimum efficiency.

Dafzo aims to create a Utility Token market for the world, especially focusing on cryptocurrencies friendly countries EU, Asia and especially India, democratizing funding for  new Blockchain Projects. Dafzo ERC20 compliant cryptocurrencies Smart Utility Tokens also  act as a gateway to cryptocurrency based logistics markets for EU Blockchain companies and  a go-to place for launching new ones, Dafzo P2P platform will help prospective business build  a legal framework for digital assets and execute successful logistics projects. Dafzo in the near  future allows exchanging Dafzo token from ETH to EUR or US dollars in moments through DLT  programmes partnership with crypto friendly countries government programmes by  obtaining a license.

What is Dafzo Mission?

Dafzo is combination of Fintech + logistics Blockchain ledger that used decentralised Ledger  Technology to develop fully automated Global Logistics Aggregator by placing the power -entirely into the hands of the importer & exporter community and replace existing financial intermediaries.


Smart contracts, enabled by Blockchain or distributed ledgers, have been held up as a cure for many of the problems associated with traditional financial contracts, which are simply not geared up for the digital age. Reliance on physical documents leads to delays, inefficiencies and increases exposure to errors and fraud. Financial intermediaries, while providing interoperability for the finance system and reducing risk, create overhead costs for and increase compliance requirements

smart contract adoption will lead to reduced risks, lower administration and service costs, and more efficient business processes across all major segments of the financial services industry. These benefits will accrue from technology, process redesign as well as from fundamental changes in operating models, as they require a group of firms to share a common view of the contract between trading parties. Consumers will benefit from more competitive products, such as mortgage loans and insurance policies, along with simpler processes that are free of many of the hassles of today’s customer experience

Introduction to smart contracts

The potential of smart contracts – programmable contracts that automatically execute when pre-defined conditions are met – is the subject of much debate and discussion in the financial services industry

How Dafzo Token will be used

DFZ will be used in the Dafzo Ecosystem for each process and every activity. Dafzo token will be used for the issuance of Letter of Credit and for other business activities with upcoming features for e.g

  • Paying for the logistics services
  • Payment to Custodians (near future)
  • Payment to issue Letter of Credit
  • Book shipment for import export to deliver goods
  • Use on Business partner platform to book shipment/delivery

Dafzo More Information

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