ICO Review Contractium~~Contractium, based on Ethereum blockchain – smart contract, which is going to be intergrated in the real businesses inner network

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What Is Contractium ? 

Contractium is a decentralized software that based on Ethereum smart contract, which helps users create smart contract easily via desktop- / mobile- / web- app.

Contractium will eliminate the print contract that required signatures between two or more parties and/or notarized by the public notary or the other third party.

Contractium, as a software-as-a-service, helps businesses use as:
1. A payment gateway (in those countries that accpet cryptocurrency as the international liquidity).
2. An online rewards system (in the rest countries of the world)

Contractiumn More Information 

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Why do we create contractium?

Ethereum’s blockchain technology based on the Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm and now it is planning to switch to Proof of Stake (PoS). That’s why we create Contractium, which is based on Ethereum with the Proof-of-Contract (PoC) algorithm.

We believe in the next generation of smart contracts and we are building an ethereum-based smart-contract technology to secure commercial deal between contracter and contractee on internet with Proof-of-Contract protocol

Contractiumn Token Sale Information 

ICO Project NameContractium Symbol ICO Price
ContractiumCTU1 ETH = 15,000 CTU
ICO Start DateICO End DateType
PlatformMin. investmentSoft cap
Ethereum0.1 ETH2,000,000 USD
Hard capICO Total Token SaleDistributed in ICO
10,000,000 USD1,500,000,000 CTU50%

Contractiumn More Information 

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Contractium Problem-Solution-Fit

Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology are going to be popularized in many countries such as: Japan, Canada, Israel, Australia, Hongkong, Singapore… and world-wide afterwards.

The internet users will either sign the e-contract and/or smart-contract, which were first proposed by Nick Szabo, who coined the term, in 1994.

The more advance means of payment will be added/applied for all online businesses, as well as the rewards/bonus system for online. consumers.

What contractium does 

Contractium, based on Ethereum blockchain – smart contract, which is going to be intergrated in the real businesses inner network.

Contractium with the more friendly UX/GUI (User experience/ Graphic User Interface) in comparison with Ethereum, helps users create smart contract easily by just some clicks, drag-and-drop…

Contractium network with its crypto-fuel,called CTU (token) will help online businesses change the way they give rewards/bonus to their customers

Contractium MISSION

Help contracter & contractee sign the commercial smart contract easily & trustfully.

Make commercial smart contract easy & secured.

Help users earn extra money with their online consumption.

Contractium VISION

  • Internet users’ smart contract
  •  Eliminating print contract.
  •  Replacing online traditional rewards/bonus system.



The freelancers can create a contractium smart contract easily to work with the employers in freelancing industry and vice versa. The employers will pay for freelance jobs and receive the bonus back from freelancers


Contractium will be intergrated into the e-commerce sites so that they can use all the functions of contractium application. The customers will be rewarded easily with tokens and they can withdraw immediately on each buying


The game studios, -developers will use contractium as the payment means, reward/bonus system.
When gamers buy game items pay for paid accounts, they will be rewarded with CTU tokens instead of Game-points collecting as usual


The audience will be rewarded with CTU tokens when consuming paid/business information from publishers, content creators as well as another kind of online users via agencies, websites and/or social networks


The adverstisers can create smart contract to deal with agencies/services on every single ads-campaign, and vice versa . Contractium is used as smart contract tool, payment means, reward/bonus system


Almost the user’s social profiles arecategorized in many databases secretly and sold to businesses unofficially. But with contractium, the users can directly sell it by themselves not only once but many. times

Contractiumn More Information 

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